Transparency Channel of Gametia

Within the Next Clinics Group, we are committed to excellence and the development of our business with honesty, openness, and integrity, adhering to the strictest ethical conduct in providing high-quality services to our patients.

All Next Clinics staff must uphold these high standards and have the right and duty to raise concerns, at the earliest reasonable opportunity, about malpractices within the Next Clinics Group.

Hence, the various companies within the group, including Next Fertility, have a transparency channel through which to report irregular or unlawful actions that violate current legal regulations, the Code of Conduct, or the Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy of the group, or any other internal regulations of the Next Clinics Group.

Other matters, such as complaints about the received service, labor issues, or the removal of personal data, will not be handled through this channel but should be directed to the corresponding channels.

Objectives of the Transparency Channel:

  • Detect irregular conduct
  • Promote transparency
  • Protect whistleblowers
  • Ensure confidentiality
  • Maintain an ethical corporate culture

How to submit a report:

The Next Clinics Group has an irregularities reporting system operated by an independent external provider: “SeeHearSpeakUp.” You can access it and submit your report in writing at this link or submit your report by phone by calling 900 831 761. You can attach any documentation that proves or supports the reported facts.

If you wish, you can submit the report anonymously, so SeeHearSpeakUp will share the content of your complaint with Next Clinics but not your personal information without your prior consent.

Upon submitting the report, you will be assigned a tracking number to keep you informed about its progress. Within seven natural days of receiving the report, you will receive an acknowledgment.

Reports will be forwarded to the data controllers, ensuring a double-check mechanism in the investigations that will be carried out to clarify the reported facts. Investigations will conclude within a period of three months, which may be extended for another three months.

Whistleblower Guarantees:

  • Information: The whistleblower will receive an acknowledgment within seven days and a response about the measures taken within three months, extendable for another three. Individuals affected have the right to be informed of the accusations against them and to be heard.
  • Confidentiality: The whistleblower can choose to identify themselves throughout the process, but the recipients of the report will never disclose the whistleblower’s identity or the facts and data of the procedure without their consent.
  • Freedom from Retaliation: As long as the report is made in good faith, the whistleblower will be protected from retaliation.
  • Support Measures: The whistleblower can seek confidential advice and support from the Human Resources department of Next Clinics and will have access to different support measures provided by competent bodies and authorities.
  • External Channels: In addition to the internal reporting channel, the whistleblower can turn to other external reporting channels such as the National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC), the Executive Service of the Money Laundering Prevention Commission (SEPBLAC), the Independent Authority for the Protection of Whistleblowers, or the Spanish Data Protection Agency”.